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Zuum Celebrates National Transportation Week

Since 1957, the third Friday in May has been designated as National Defense Transportation Day, which was established by President Eisenhower to honor the United States' transportation system. The week that encompasses this day was designated as National Transportation Week by Congress in 1962. President Biden announced the week of May 16th through the 22nd is observed, with Friday the 21st serving as a particular day of commemoration. 

The event began as a way for Americans to recognize the transportation industry's essential contributions to American communities. This involves promoting knowledge about our country's infrastructure and facilities, which are critical to a functional transportation system. Having well-paved and clean roads with access for semi’s to rural areas is crucial in ensuring that the cargo is delivered to all Americans.

Domestic freight trucking, also known as FTL or LTL, relies on three different entities, shippers, brokers, and carriers. The relationship between these three separate entities keeps things moving from coast to coast. Shippers need their goods delivered, carriers have trucks to transport those goods, and brokers have the responsibility of managing the transportation service between those two. It’s a beautiful dance that happens every day all across the country and deserves recognition.

As a national player in the digital freight marketplace and transportation management software space, Zuum takes the time to recognize all of the industry's dedicated and hardworking transportation specialists. We understand how important transportation is to the country's security. We’ve developed software to save logistics companies money and time. With our user-friendly and streamlined TMS systems, we’re building the most robust set of tools for shippers, brokers, and carriers. Schedule a free demo or get a free quote today! Learn how Zuum can make transportation management easier for everyone.