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Zuum Partners with Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW) to become their Digital Truckload Platform

Irvine, California: ZUUM, which connects shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on one Logistics Super Platform, today announced a new partnership with Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW). This partnership will allow EFW to leverage ZUUM’s cutting-edge technology to build and manage shipments, access a built-in marketplace, and increase effectiveness through the use of a comprehensive pricing tool. Additional improvements and time savings EFW will realize from this include the reduction in tedious, manual activities fewer email threads, and the minimization of human errors with one digital platform.

Mustafa Azizi, co-founder and CEO of ZUUM, said, “Our country runs on logistics – delivering raw materials, products, food, and other goods across the U.S. and globally. At ZUUM, we believe that the best way we can contribute is by giving shippers, brokers, freight carriers and drivers what they need to overcome challenges and make their jobs and lives better. Providing EFW with our broker-in-a-box service will deliver the necessary tools for customers to monitor shipments, decrease customer acquisition costs and attract new carriers in the process”.

“We’re excited to be partnering with ZUUM on building a truckload experience that’s second to none.” says Scott Fisher, CEO at EFW. “The team at ZUUM has created a platform to take managing truckload business to the next level.”

The benefits of this new partnership include a digitized carrier onboarding and carrier CRM - which is built into the system and available via mobile or desktop. This will streamline carrier onboarding through an electronic process with branded documents and access to the EFW marketplace… The free carrier tracking technology in the ZUUM app allows carriers to sign rate confirmation documents, report issues, take pictures of POD’s and submit upon completion.

Another feature EFW will take advantage of is gamification, which will drive efficiency through technology that is fun and competitive. This also allows managers to track employee performance with the most important KPI’s in real-time. Lastly, the ZUUM shipper portal will provide a better customer experience, allowing shippers to monitor and track loads digitally, without the hassle of emails going back-and-forth.

About ZUUM: ZUUM is a logistics technology company based in Irvine, California. Founded in 2016, ZUUM offers a shipper TMS, freight broker software, a carrier TMS, and a mobile app for truck drivers who are connected within the Logistics Super Platform. These tools enable customers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their logistics operations while simultaneously automating their transportation networks. The company’s vision is to optimize logistics and streamline supply chains globally by defragmenting the industry through collaboration and partnerships like the one with EFW.

About Estes Forwarding Worldwide (EFW): EFW is a leading freight forwarder and truckload service provider in the United States, providing customized logistics and warehousing solutions for clients around the world and across all industries. A subsidiary of Estes Express Lines located in Richmond, Virginia, EFW is uniquely backed by the Estes linehaul network, providing EFW clients with extensive flexibility and capacity to support their business. The company has received industry awards, including Specialty Carrier of the Year and E-Commerce Delivery Carrier of the Year, and has been recognized by Global Trade Americas as a leading 3PL to watch. To learn more about EFW, please visit the company’s website at