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    1. Welcome to Broker Admin::Welcome to ZUUM's Broker Admin. Our platform can help you track shipments, get real quotes with our Instant Smart Pricing, view your posted shipments on our marketplace, manage accounting, and access reporting-- all in one place.::Ship with ZUUM, Broker platform, ZUUM Broker Admin, What is the Broker Admin, Brokers, broker, broker admin
    2. Get an Instant Smart Price::Compare the latest carrier rates from ZUUM and DAT. See what price ZUUM is providing to shippers. Check which carriers have posted rates for your lane.::Get quotes, Instant smart pricing, find carriers, compare rates, DAT, ZUUM carrier rates, broker, broker admin
    3. Build Your Shipment::Fill out some basic information on your shipment to begin booking with ZUUM. For repeated lanes, use our “Build using previous shipment” tool.::How to build a shipment, build a shipment, how to submit a shipment, submit a shipment, ship with ZUUM, broker, broker admin
    4. Track Your Shipments::View your booked and past shipments on the “Shipments” page. Check the status and location of a load to gain real time visibility.::Where is my driver?, Where is my shipment?, where is my load?, where is the status of my shipment?, is my driver on the way?, when did my driver pickup?, when did my driver drop off?, broker, broker admin
    5. Edit Your Shipment::Make live edits to your posted shipments. Update the shipment weight, number of stops, and appointments at any time. Your customers and drivers will be notified in real-time through ZUUM’s Shipper Web and Driver Mobile App.::how to edit a load, how do i change the weight of a posted shipment, how do I add a stop, how do I change the appointment time, how do I notify the driver of changes, broker, broker admin
    6. Access Your Documents & Invoices::Access the Proof of Delivery, Bill of Lading and additional documents. Upload additional documents and instructions to share with your carrier. Invoices for all active shipments will be updated with accessorial fees if they apply.:: POD, Proof of Delivery, BOL, Bill of Lading, Where's the POD?, Where's the Proof of Delivery?, Where’s the BOL?, Where’s the Bill of lading?, Lumper receipts, Invoices, Accessorials, Where are my invoices?, Where are the accessorials?, Are the invoices updated?, broker, broker admin
    7. Manage Your Accounting::Check your open balances and view your statements at any time. Pay for one or more shipments at a time.::Aging table, open balances, monthly statements, accounts payable, accounts receivable, make a payment, how to make a payment, how do I pay for my shipments?, broker, broker admin
    8. Search for Carriers::Search for Carriers by lane posted on ZUUM and on DAT. Browse our Carrier database to see all onboarded Carriers. Carrier History shows all of the drivers who have previously worked with ZUUM.::Find carriers, carrier by lane, carrier database, how to search carriers, carrier history, where to find Zuum suggested carriers, broker, broker admin,
    ZUUM APP(YOUTUBE)::The App for Better Trucking::The App for Better Trucking
    9. Create Reports::Create reports on sales, operations, and shipments based on dates, lanes, customers and more. Export your report as an Excel file.::Reporting, analytics, create reports, how to pull reports, sales reports, operations reports, shipment reports, how do I export my report as an excel document?, can I export excel file?, broker, broker admin

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