Broker Conversion

ZUUM Automated Broker

Transform your operations into a complete digital brokerage platform overnight

Maximize profit margins

Scale your business faster

Increase productivity


The most comprehensive freight digital brokerage platform

Without ZUUM


Carrier Onboarding

90 - 120 mins
to onboard a carrier

12 - 15 mins
to onboard a carrier

Optimized Bidding & Pricing

10% - 12%

Up to 26%

Automated Load Matching, Tendering, and Notifications

90% - 92%
service levels

96% - 98%
service levels

Real-time Track & Trace

9 - 12
check calls

check calls

Centralized Digital Document Management, and Invoice Bill & Pay

14 days
to complete invoicing

Instant upon delivery

Optimized Customer Relationship Management & Reporting

120 mins
to generate report

10 mins
to generate report

95% Customer satisfaciton


12-in-1 Workflow Automation Modules


More than 50 satisfied customers

S, M, E

Dedicated solutions for brokers of any size
“We have been working with the ZUUM team to help us digitize certain aspects of our brokerage. They have been great to work with and brought immediate value and quick deployment. These guys are the real deal!”
Dan Curtis
“Over the last 2 years, Zuum has become one of our preferred partners to ship products reliably and on-time. Flexible capacity across the US and a technology platform that automates our freight & office workflow - integrated with our existing software. You save us time and money.”
Michael Ahmed
“We selected ZUUM’s technology to further optimize carrier operations for ESTES. Their leadership knows transportation, and I enjoy working with them directly.”
Pat Martin
VP Corporate Sales & Strategic Planning
“ZUUM is a phenomenal partner. From our perspective, in addition to quality capacity, ZUUM has the best logistics and transportation management software available, and the organization has a customer and partner first approach. Keep up the great work.”
Issac Larian
“The team at ZUUM are always prompt and ready to help with a fair price. Customer service is great and very professional. It is always a pleasant experience when we deal with them. Our product has been shipped with quality, care and on time. Highly recommended.”
Jana Barros
“Zuum has simplified my daily operations, saves me time and money. The team is responsive and easy to work with.”
Jorge Martinez
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