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The Best Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

 Even though there seems to be an app for everything these days, it can be difficult to find an app that satisfies exactly what you are looking for. As a truck driver, there are a lot of little things that make a big difference when you're on the road. Whether it's looking for the best route or checking on road conditions in real-time, being on the road comes with some hurdles that can be easily passed with a little technology. Luckily, at Zuum our supply chain management experts have years of experience working with carriers and drivers, and we're interested in providing the most value to help you do your jobs better.. Keep on reading to discover the best apps available for your most important trucking needs! 

ZUUM Driver 

Another great option worth checking out, Zuum's free driver app focuses on finding you instant bids in real-time, managing your fleet stress-free, and giving you access to all of your documents in one place. Zuum's technology highlights their ability to provide profitable loads, optimized routes, and fleet visibility. Here's what its App Store description has to say about some of the features: 

  • Instantly accept tendered offers or make counter offers right away
  • Manage your entire fleet and see what delivery each driver is on 
  • Manage all your deliveries and see each job's details
  • Get real time locations for each of your drivers
  • Manage all documents and accessorial - all from your phone
  • Receive payments from each delivery instantly 

Gas Buddy

Including over 150,000 gas stations in North America, their website states that, "Over the last 15 years, GasBuddy has saved users over $3.1 billion dollars." Gas Buddy is an app that finds you the cheapest fuel, with easy-access features such as a price map and trip cost calculator. The app provides information about the individual gas stations, listing its distance from you, which fuel stops offer food and rest, and even tells you when gas prices are about to hike.

Another included feature is that by paying for your fuel through their app, you can receive savings or cashback. In addition, the app is able to observe your driving habits and analyze when you are wasting money and gas. This is mostly an app for fuel location, but it is a very handy tool for carrier drivers to have on their phone! 

Pilot Flying J

Now called the myRewards Plus™ app, Pilot Flying J is a favorite among truck drivers due to its generous exclusive offers and wide truck stop/fuel station availability. Here are some of the features their app lists under their Google Play description: 

  • View each location’s full list of amenities, including fuel types and fuel prices, Service Centers and Roadside Assistance, number of showers, number of parking spaces, restaurants & food offerings, store hours and more.
  • Save time at the pump with Mobile Fueling. Choose the diesel lane that’s likely to open first, store your payment cards in our safe and secure mobile wallet, and activate the pump with a simple and unique code.
  • View and email up to 18 months of digital receipts in the app for all transactions. 
  • Professional drivers earn free showers when you fuel and can track your shower credits in the app, plus track your myRewards balance/savings and redeem for discounts at checkout.
  • Filter locations by amenities, parking availability, fuel type, restaurants & food offerings, and more.

Keep in mind that these features only apply at Pilot Flying J locations!


The best thing about the Drivewyze app is that it can help you save valuable time at inspection sites and weigh stations. The company has a preclearance network of over 700 sites, distributed across 44 states and provinces in North America, which they state can "allow you to bypass scales up to 98% of the time, depending on your carrier safety score." They offer a 30-day free trial, following which the current pricing is $17.99/month, and offer the features below as described in the Google Play store: 

  • Works at both fixed weigh stations and mobile sites
  • Requires no transponder – turns your device into a “smart transponder”
  • Updates regularly with new states and site locations
  • Truckers can now bypass 36 Florida Agriculture inspection sites (with carrier consent)
  • Unlimited phone or email customer support at no additional charge
  • Hands-free compliant with FMCSA and state distracted driving laws

If you liked this blog and one of these apps worked for you, make sure to tune into ZUUM's blog for more insider articles!