[BR] Shipment Report

Please check in with me after the development so I can test and confirm if the design is implemented as envisioned.

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  • Improve usability on searching and filtering the list

  • Removed the carrier summary - request from Mustafa

Current Design

Issues Found

  • Not grouped with the "Search" button

  • Took a while to figure out how to get the system to run a search, don't think having the search bar on the upper right-hand side is ideal, having it below is better for me


File: shipmentReports

  1. Quick search:

    1. It will operate as our regular search bar.

    2. Search without having to press the search button

  2. Advanced Filter

    1. I will discuss this below but it will open up an advanced filter section where users could specifically select the elements you want the list to be filtered to.

  3. Financial Summary

    1. We originally have this information in our header column above the list but felt it was hard to read.

  4. Customer Summary

    1. Mustafa decided to move the “Carrier Summary” to Carrier History page (I will create the Monday ticket for this)

    2. We added more columns to customer summary

      1. Customer Name

      2. Avg. Distance

        1. Average distance we covered for this customer

      3. Total Income

        1. The total income we received from them

      4. Total Expense

        1. The total expense we paid to the carrier for them

      5. Avg. Income Per Mile

        1. The average income we gain per mile

        2. Guessing.. total income/avg. distance?

      6. Total Gross Profit

        1. Total income - Total expense

File: shipmentReports_02

  1. Select Date

  2. Advanced Filter

  3. Load

  4. Mode

  5. Customer

    1. Customer Name:

      1. Multiple selectors (checkbox)

    2. Load ID

      1. Number value

  6. Broker

    1. Operator:

      1. Multiple selectors (checkbox)

    2. Sales Person:

      1. Multiple selectors (checkbox)

  7. Carrier

    1. Carrier Name:

      1. Multiple selectors (checkbox)

    2. Driver Name:

      1. Multiple selectors (checkbox)

      2. This list gets filtered based on carrier name above

  8. Filtered state

    1. We want to notify the users when the list is filtered and how many of them were applied

    2. e.g. Filter Applied (3)