Quickbooks Integration


Quickbooks needs to reconnect after Zuum product releases

Exporting multiple invoices/bills at the same time


Current Invoicing Process

  1. Filters shipments menu for loads “to be billed”

  2. Selects a load

  3. Goes to the invoices section and searches for that load number

  4. Selects “email invoice” and goes through flow

  5. Invoice is sent, and aging begins

  6. Clicks on “export invoice to quickbooks”

  7. Chooses to export invoice

  8. Invoice is exported to quickbooks online

  9. When customer pays, user goes to quickbooks and enters payment info

  10. Then goes back to Zuum and enters payment info (only thing that is missing is the “deposit to” account


When user applies payment received in Zuum, need it to transfer the data into quickbooks, especially for batch payments

Deposit Accounts:

Need to apply payments to a deposit account (chase or “undeposited” for checks)

  • If ACH, choose primary checking account

  • if Check, choose undeposited funds

  • if Stripe, TBD


Current Billing Process

  1. Gets invoice from carrier via email

  2. Uploads invoice to load

  3. Creates a bill in Zuum

    1. Straight after uploading POD

      1. This process automatically enters the bill info into the form; or

    2. goes to “bills”

      1. Creates new bill

  4. Export to quickbooks from “Bills” section

  5. Bill is now in quickbooks

  6. When time to pay

    1. Goes to Bills

    2. Selects “Record a bill as paid”

      1. Need: Option to issue payment directly from chase

        1. If so, automate confirmation emails to necessary parties

    3. Goes to chase and issues payment

      1. Emails to trucking company and factoring with confirmation of payment


Modal asking whether to export invoice to quickbooks after invoice is generated after upload POD (step 3a)

Mark bills “paid” and send into quickbooks, especially batches

  • Option to select Payee (direct/factoring)

  • Option to issue payment directly from chase

    1. If so, automate confirmation emails to necessary parties

Trigger payments to carriers (through chase) from Zuum (see Pay Bill Through ACH button in “Bills”)

Aggregate batch payments to factoring companies that are for multiple accounts/invoices, and to be able to generate a list that breaks down each account/payment within that batch (Chris Son may have some designs for payments/batch payments)


When making payments to a factoring company, there might be one lump sum that covers multiple different carrier bills (different carriers). Want to be able to quickly apply the payments to each carrier’s account, even though the factoring company only provides one reference number.