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In order to make accounting in Zuum for efficient, some changes will be made when users send an invoice to the customer on the ‘Invoices’ page.

A new role will be added for customer users with the ‘Accounting’ role.

When a user sends an invoice, all the customers with the accounting role will appear under email address, along with a Zuum accounting email. The accounting team would like to be CCed in the invoice emails being sent out as a record.

A - Assign account role for customer users

A1 As a user, I can assign a customer with the accounting role.
Design (2 screens): Invision Link | Invision Link

  1. When adding a new user to the Customer > Team, the user can select the Accounting role.

    1. All users with this role will appear when sending an invoice for this customer

B - Sending Invoice to Customer

B1 As a user, I can merge the selected documents, when sending an invoice.
Design: Invision Link

  1. When the user sends an invoice (Accounting > Invoices), on 'Step 2: Supporting Documents' the user can merge the selected documents.

    1. Add 'Merge Documents' toggle on the footer of table

    2. On by default

    3. Merge all the documents into one PDF - invoice and any of the selected docs

B1 As a user, I can view a preview of the merged documents, and see the users with the accounting role for this customer.
Design (2 screens): Invision Link  |  Invision Link

  1.  On 'Step 3: Recipients' updates will be made:

    1. Preview of the merged documents - only appear if merge is selected

    2. Primary Customer Contact email will be de-selected by default.

    3. Zuum Accounts Receivable email will be added and selected by default (CC-ed in the mail).

      1. ar@zuumapp.com

    4. All users with the 'Accounting' role will be listed and selected by default.