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When some carriers uses macropoint tracking, the brokerage has to manage two tracking portals. They will set up tracking on the macropoint website and add the tracking updates manually to the Zuum Admin app.

Now we will be integrating Macropoint to the Zuum platform so the brokerage can manage it on one platform, rather than two.


1 As a user, I can track a load via macropoint and add that into the tracking page.
Design: IMG

  1. Replace ‘Driver being tracked by third-party GPS’ to a text button link

    1. Rename to + Macropoint Tracking

2 As a user, I can set up the macropoint tracking.
Design: IMG 1 - Null | IMG 2 - Filled

Once the user clicks + Macropoint Tracking a modal will appear, similar to logging a check call. It will include:

  1. ID Number

    1. This is the ID Number field on the macropoint setup page

    2. Autofill the textbox with the Load ID # but it should remain editable. This gives the option to add additional text if required

  2. Driver Cell Phone

    1. This is the same textfield where the user will input the ‘Drivers Number'. The driver should receive a text message to continue with macropoint tracking

  3. Track For Date/Time

    1. This is the ‘Start Tracking At’ on the macropoint page

    2. For the timezone, make sure to have the time local to the location

    3. example: Pickup is in NYC at 08:00. Dropoff is in LA at 20:00. Make sure that pickup 08:00 is in NYC time, and the dropoff 20:00 is in LA time.

  4. Track for/frequency

    1. This is the 'Track For' and 'Location Updates Every' on macropoint

    2. Please display the cost in Admin, just like in macropoint

  5. Event Updates

  6. Note for Driver

    1. This is the ‘Notes’ section on macropoint

  7. Email Updates

    1. This is the ‘Email Copies of Updates to’ on macropoint

    2. Display the email in

  8. Have the ‘Submit’ button disabled until the fields are filled

3 As a user, I can see a load is tracked via macropoint and see the tracking logs.
Design: IMG 1 | IMG 2 - Status Unresponsive | IMG 3 - Tracking Status | IMG 4 - Complete

  1. Once the Macropoint tracking has been setup, a new container with info will be displayed:

    1. Driver’s phone number

    2. Start Tracking date and time

    3. Notes

  2. The Ping Time will be updated to display the Tracking Perimeter (Track For and Location Updates Every)

  3. Next to the Driver info, the status will display

    1. Third Party as source

    2. Tracking Status - from macropoint

  4. The tracking log will automatically update and display based on macropoint’s tracking. To keep in mind of the Pickup and Drop off status:

    1. Pickup Arrived = At pickup

    2. Pickup Departed = Pick up completed

    3. Dropoff Arrived = At Dropoff

    4. Dropoff Departed = Dropoff Complete = POD requested (automatically update status to POD Requested)

  5. The Tracking log source will display ‘Macropoint’

    1. If the driver updated the status, it will display: Driver

    2. If the driver didn't update the status it will display: Macropoint

4 As a user, I can edit some tracking information.
Design: IMG

  1. If the user clicks Edit in the macropoint tracking container, the same setup modal will appear

    1. Tracking perimeters will be disabled. These are uneditable. The user will have to stop the tracking and set a new one up.

    2. This is how it currently functions on macropoint and will be translated here.

5 As a user, I can cancel and delete the macropoint tracking.
Design: IMG

  1. If the user clicks Delete in the macropoint tracking container, a confirm modal will appear confirming this action.

  2. If agreed, the macropoint container will disappear but the tracking log will be displayed

    1. A new log should appear that the tracking has been deleted as a record