[BR] Lane Seeker

There are FIVE parts to the broker side of “Lane Seeker”:

  1. Lane Bank

  2. Dynamic Smart Rate

  3. Carrier Search

  4. Carrier Profile - Lane Tab

Objective for Broker

  • Update carrier’s profile about their preferred lanes with all-in rates

  • So when we have a pool of the lanes our lane seekers are willing to cover, we can connect it with our supply to get more wins

  • To reduce the time for operators to search and vet for qualified carriers

Journey of Broker in Lane Seeker

  1. Carrier saves their “Preferred Dedicated Lane”

    1. Once you save those lanes, you are now becoming a “Lane Seeker” for that lane

  2. Carrier starts receiving lane offers for those lanes from Zuum

  3. Carriers start bidding on those offers

  4. From all the biddings Zuum receives from the lane seekers, Zuum selects the “Dedicated Carrier”

  5. When Zuum receives a real load from the customer, we build a shipment, change the status to pricing - offers, and save changes

  6. You will get a Post to Market pop-up modal. You deselect all and only select“Dedicated Carriers”

    1. Please see design: https://zuum.invisionapp.com/console/share/PA25XHZKZU/579721808

    2. Please see how it looks like when the dedicated carrier toggle is ON: https://zuum.invisionapp.com/console/share/PA25XHZKZU/579721936

  7. This will send out the offers to all the dedicated carriers associated with this lane

  8. Out of the lane seekers, whoever accepts and takes the job becomes an assigned carrier for that load and will receive the “Rate Confirmation”