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Automated Sweep




Summary of feature and new updates can be written here.

Tendering Shipment + First Check Call

1 As a user, I should fill in the driver info when tendering a load.
Design (2 screens): Invision Link | Invision Link - Filled

  1. A new section will be added in the ‘Carrier Tender Options’ modal for the carrier’s driver information

    1. Driver’s Current location → google maps

    2. Driver Estimated Time of Arrival → inputting time

  2. These fields are required

2 As a user, I can view the first check call logged.
Design: Invision Link

  1. As soon as the tender is sent with the two ‘Driver Information' fields filled, the first check call will be logged under ‘Tracking’.

  2. Status: Waiting on Carrier Confirmation

    1. Location → the location of the current driver

    2. Date → the date and time when the tender was sent

    3. Notes: Driver Estimated time of Arrival → from the ‘Tender Option Modal' will be displayed here