The maintenance section allows the user to manage maintenance for their assets.


Fleet Management Prototype


Maintenance List

The maintenance list is a Data Table that lists all of the company’s maintenance records.

The Data Table Toolbar has the following elements:

  • Search input

  • Dropdown

    • All (default)

    • Scheduled

    • In Progress

    • Completed

    • Delayed

  • “Add Maintenance” button

The Data Table has the following columns:

  • Maintenance ID

  • Asset

  • Scheduled Dates

    • Should be a date range

  • Service

  • Amount

  • Vendor

  • Status

  • Rating

  • Options Button

    • When clicked, initiates a dropdown with the following options:

      • View

      • Mark Complete

      • Cancel

Maintenance Status

There are four maintenance status types. These types are dependent on

  • the date of the maintenance, and

  • whether the user market the maintenance as complete.

The four maintenance types are:

  1. Scheduled

    1. This means that the start date of the maintenance is after the current date

  2. In Progress

    1. This means that the current date is the:

      1. Start date of the maintenance; or

      2. End date of the maintenance; or

      3. All dates in between the start and end date of the maintenance

  3. Delayed

    1. This means that the current date is after the end date of the maintenance

  4. Completed

    1. This means that the user has marked the maintenance Complete, regardless of the date of maintenance

Effect on Truck / Trailer Status

When a truck or trailer has a maintenance status of

  • In Progress; or

  • Delayed

Then on the Trucks / Trailers List, the status should be set to “Maintenance”

Add Maintenance

When the user clicks the “Add Maintenance” button, the Data Entry Component slides out with the following form:

  • Select Asset (dropdown)

    • User selects from the company’s assets

    • Should be able to manually type in and get autorecommendations

      • User must select an asset (truck or trailer) from the DB

  • Date Range

  • Service Type (dropdown)

    • Service

    • Brakes

    • Tires/Retread

    • Break/Fix

    • Tune-Up

    • General Maintenance

    • Other

      • If other, Show text box to input name of service

  • Current Mileage

  • Amount

    • Currency ($)

  • Vendor

    • Should auto-recommend if previously used the same vendor

    • Can manually input new vendor

  • Upload Document

    • Should bring up the upload doc modal

After creation, the user should be taken back to the Maintenance List

  • Snackbar - “Maintenance added.”

  • The table should update with the new maintenance

View Maintenance


This section allows the user to view and add more details to the maintenance record.

At the top right, the user can perform the following actions:

  • Update

    • Disabled by default

    • Enabled when changes have been made

  • Mark Complete

    • Enables the user to indicate that the maintenance was completed

  • Cancel

    • Enables the user to cancel the maintenance

In the body, there is a maintenance details form where the user can view or change the following data:

Maintenance # (displays the maintenance number)

  • Asset

  • Date Range

  • Current Mileage

  • Service Type

  • Amount

  • Maintenance Invoice #


  • Name

  • Address (Google Maps API)

  • Phone

  • Email


  • Add a note here…

    • Use Notes component

Mark Complete

When a user marks a maintenance as complete, the “Rating” modal pops up that allows the user to rate the level of service that was provided.

Cancel Maintenance

When a user clicks the “Cancel” maintenance button, there should be a confirmation modal to make sure the user actually wants to cancel the maintenance.


This section is a Documents Data Table

  • Please include the Email and Download buttons to each row

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