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Prototype on Invision

When a user of the Fleet Manager (Carrier TMS) wishes to book loads through Zuum’s marketplace, Zuum needs to make sure that that company is “Ok to load.”

This means that Zuum does a background check on the company, and ensures that it has a valid license and insurance.

In order to perform this check, Zuum requires the carrier to submit certain documents and to sign an agreement.

This process takes the user through the process of submitting the required information.

Submission of Data

This information that is submitted in this section is sent to Zuum Brokerage in the same way that when a new carrier signs up to Carrier Web.

Once fully submitted, the Carrier who submits this form should go through the same approval process from within Zuum Brokerage as a carrier signing up through the Carrier Web onboarding.

Step 1. First Time Going to Zuum Loads

The first time that a user goes to Zuum Loads(marketplace), the a modal should appear above the loadboard, that prompts the user to Join Zuum Loads. Invision.

The user has two options

  • Join Free

    • If selected, the user is taken to step 2 (below)

  • Browse as Guest

    • If selected, the modal is dismissed, and the user can access all of the pages of Zuum Loads, with the following restrictions

      • When placing a bid or trying to book, the user will need to go through the Guest Bid Flow (currently in development)

    • If selected, there should be a floating button on the bottom right of the screen that is always on top, and prompts the user to “Join Zuum Loads.” Invision.

      • If a user clicks on this button, the “Join Zuum Loads” modal appears again

Step 2. Zuum Loads Agreement

In this step, the user is required to sign the Zuum Loads agreement (carrier packet). (Invision).

There is a button on the bottom that should pull up the agreement, and give the user the ability to digitally sign the agreement via Zuum Digital Signature (in development).

  • If the user accepts the agreement, the user advances to the next step

  • If the user does not sign the agreement, the user is returned to the modal

There is a link on the top right that says “I’ll do this later.” This link will have the same effect of the “Browse as Guest” button.

Step 3. Required Documents

In this step, the user is required to upload the following documents (Invision):

  • Carrier Authority

  • W-9

  • Certificate of Insurance

If the Carrier already has these documents uploaded in their company documents, then their status should be set to “uploaded” and they do not need to upload those documents again.

The UI and functionality here is the same as the “Set Up Carrier Packet” flow from the account onboarding requirements.

Step 4. Payment Information

In this step, the user is provides Zuum with a method for the Carrier accepting payments from Zuum for each job that they perform. (Invision).

This step includes a form with the following fields:

  • Direct Deposit (ACH)

    • Bank Name

    • Account Number

    • Routing Number

    • Payee Name

    • Remittance Email

    • Account Type (options, radio button)

      • Checking

      • Savings

  • Factoring Company

    • Upload document flow

      • One required document: Notice of assignment

        • If previously uploaded, the user does not need to upload the document again

This information is submitted to Zuum Brokerage in the same way that when a new carrier signs up to Carrier Web in the “Payment Info” section.

Step 5. Registration Complete


In this step, the user is told that registration is complete, and that Zuum will review their application before they can be approved.

There is a button at the bottom that says “Take me to Zuum Loads.”

  • This button has the same effect as “Browse as Guest,” except the small button on the bottom right should not appear.

On Broker App

The carrier is taken to the Carrier Onboarding Flow, and put into the MC Check phase.


Upon Approval

Upon approval by Zuum Brokerage, all users from the Carrier’s account should receive an email that notifies them that their account has been approved for Zuum Loads, with a link to Zuum Loads. The email should say:

“Congratulations, your account has been approved for Zuum Loads!

Your operations just got more efficient. Take Zuum Loads out for a spin!


The Zuum Operations Team”

There should be a button at the bottom that says “Go to Zuum Loads Now”

If a company is not approved, the account admin should receive an email saying:

“Dear [First and last name],

We were unable to approve your account for Zuum Loads. If you would have any questions or would like to appeal this decision, please call us at (800) 410-1563.


The Zuum Operations Team”

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