Send Carrier Packet


Carriers often need to send customers documents about their company, such as

  • Tax documents (W-9)

  • Carrier Authority (License)

  • Notice of Assignment (if they use a factoring company)

The “Send Carrier Packet” feature gives carriers the ability to send these documents to customers quickly and easily.


Prototype of the Send Packet User Flow.

This feature utilizes the same basic template and functionality of the “Email Invoice” feature, with some minor differences.

Step 1. “Send Carrier Packet Button”

The Navigation menu has a button called “Send Carrier Packet”

The user flow begins when the user clicks on this button, and is taken to the next step.

Step 2. Recipients, Documents, and Email Content

The next step gives the user the ability to select recipients, documents, and email content.

This interface is like the “Email Invoice” interface from the accounting module, with the following differences:


In this flow, the user does not select from a list of recipients. Instead, the user enters the recipients

  • Name; and

  • Email address

Both of these are required.

There is a checkbox called “Add to Customers List”

  • This should be selected by default

  • When selected,

    • The following fields are required

      • Company Name

      • Company Address

      • Company Phone

      • Company Email

    • The data entered by the user is saved as a customer in the “Customers List”

  • If the checkbox is not selected

    • The fields below the checkbox should be disabled (see prototype)


In this flow, the documents listed in this table are the carrier’s documents, which are stored in Settings > Global Settings > Documents

As in the the Email Invoice flow, the user can attach a new document from here (see requirements for attaching documents in the Email Invoice flow).

  • In this flow, when the user attaches a new document, the document should be stored in Settings > Global Settings > Documents.

Email Subject and Body Content

In this flow, the email subject and body content are different. Please see the prototype for content.

In the Email Invoice flow, there is an invoice attached to the email by default. However, in this flow, there is no invoice attached.

Step 3. Documents Sent, Feedback Snackbar

After the user clicks “Send”, there should be a snackbar on the bottom left of the screen that lets the user know that the documents have been sent. See prototype.

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