Data Entry Component


The Data Entry Component allows users to enter data for a variety of purposes within the Carrier TMS. 


The component is a drawer that slides out from the right side of the screen.

  • When the component slides out, the background becomes darkened, but remains semi transparent.

  • The drawer goes OVER the contents of the screen. It does not PUSH the contents to the side. 

  • The only way to close the drawer is by clicking on an "X" button at the top, or on one of the action buttons on the bottom. 

    • Clicking away from the drawer does not close it. 

  • The Data Entry component height is 100% of the page. It remains fixed, and is scrollable, independent of any contents outside of the drawer.

Data Entry Component Rules

Required Fields

All required fields should be highlighted with a yellow fill:

Fill color: #fffcdc

Closing the component

The Data Entry Component only closes IF:

  • All required fields are completed, and the user clicks the appropriate action button (save, etc.)

    • The action button is disabled until all required fields are completed; OR

  • The user clicks the cancel button; OR

  • The user clicks the "X" button

Canceling to Close

IF a user wants to close the Data Entry Component by:

  • Clicking the cancel button; OR

  • Clicking the "X" button,


  • There should be a modal with a message letting the user know that their changes will not be saved.

  • The language might need to be altered depending on the data that is being input

    • e.g., for "Load Order" creation, the title of the modal would be "Discard Load Order?""

    • This and body language should be adjusted to fit with the respective section.

Feedback to the User

When the user successfully completes a task in the Data Entry Component, there should be a snackbar at the bottom left that indicates the task was completed successfully. 

This is an angular material component

Source: Snackbar

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