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From Paper to Platform: VC Investment in Supply Chain & Logistics with Craig Fuller

ZUUM Transportation hosted the webinar, From Paper to Platform: Adopting Logistics Technology Through Collaboration & Partnerships on March 11th, 2021 where they invited industry experts, venture capitalists, executives, and founders to share their insight. Watch the full recording on-demand here.

Following the opening remarks by Mustafa Azizi was founder and CEO of FrieghtWaves, Craig Fuller. He stopped by to share what he believes the future holds for the logistics industry. FrieghtWaves is the No.1 source for media and market analytics in the global freight industry.

There’s no arguing that the global pandemic emphasized the critical role of transportation and logistics in the economy. The unanticipated disruption revealed gaps in efficiency, making the industry ripe for innovation -- and VC investment.

Fuller notes the level of investment going into the supply chain and logistics industry is unprecedented. While many incumbents are skeptical of the sustainability of the sheer volume of investments, he counters the suggestion of a growing tech bubble by referencing the origination of the fintech sector.

The next decade in logistics will be categorized by critical masses of acceleration and capital.