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Webinar: Why Digitalization Can Benefit Your Freight Brokerage during a Recession Market

Significant changes have taken place throughout the world’s economies as a result of the advent of digitization. The transportation sector is especially vulnerable to this problem. To achieve optimal results, transportation companies may now digitally connect their physical and digital assets. As a result, businesses are able to streamline their supply chains by automating routine processes, making better decisions with the help of data analytics, significantly reducing errors, and increasing productivity. 

Check out Zuum's webinar to understand better why digitization is critical in freight management and what you need to keep in mind to ensure you make your business recession-proof, especially as the peak season approaches.


Matt Tabatabai
Founder & COO
David Boatright
Chief Business Development Officer
GLOVIS America
Anthony Petitte
Director of
Partnerships & Marketing 

You can watch the full video here: