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ZUUM Automated Broker Pricing

ZUUM Automated Broker is the most powerful TMS software built for brokers, by brokers. It digitizes manual operations, increases on-time delivery performance, and improves customer satisfaction with a technology platform that automates your freight.

Powerful TMS software for brokerages of any size

ZUUM Automated Broker

Just looking to pay as you go? This plan is everything you need.

Pay as you go

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Digital Shipment Management

Digital Customer Managment

Digital Carrier Management

Advanced Reports & Predictive Analytics

Automated Accounting & Billing

$0 Implementation and Setup Fees

Customization available

ZUUM Automated Broker Pro

Basic user: Are you looking to scale your operations? This plan is perfect for small to midsize brokerages.

100 shipments or more

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Digital Shipment Management

Digital Customer Managment

Digital Carrier Management

Advanced Reports & Predictive Analytics

Automated Accounting & Billing

$0 Implementation and Setup Fees

Customization available

ZUUM Automated Broker Enterprise

Power user: This plan will help you automate your entire freight network and get results faster.

300 shipments or more

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Digital Shipment Management

Digital Customer Managment

Digital Carrier Management

Advanced Reports & Predictive Analytics

Automated Accounting & Billing

$0 Implementation and Setup Fees

Customization available

*Pricing Valid Q2 2021 I Subject to change

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Digital Shipment Management


Get Freight Quote

Get instant, real-time freight quotes for standard and expedited shipping.


Spot Bidding on ZUUM Marketplace and Load Boards

Post your load to your internal marketplace and other load boards where carriers can bid on or book your load in real-time on mobile or web app.


Automated Dispatch & Notifications

When you accept the bid from the carrier, the load will automatically be tendered to the carrier.


Real-time Track & Trace

Keep track of the status of all your shipments and centralize all updates on your shipments.


Flexible Smart Map

Visual view of the status of any load, inclding pickup, drop off and where the driver is currently located.


Shipment Activity Log

Keep track of the history of who from your team updated the loads and what exactly was updated.


Digital Document Management

Automate back-office tasks and eliminate errors through our centralized document management and assessorial modules.


Email Management

Build your own custom, automated email templates for your internal brokers, carriers, and shippers.



Sign all your shipment-related documents digitally and quickly without leaving the system with ZUUMSign.


Suggested Carriers

Find a carrier easier and faster for your load by viewing suggested internal carriers and carriers posted out on external load boards.


Bid Status

Get instant notifications for bid responses from multiple carriers and confirm coverage with the click of a button.


Exception Management

Shipment details can be updated at any time and your drivers and customers will be notified right away.


Issue & Claim Management

Resolve shipment issues and claims quickly and smoothly through our automated Issue Management Tool.


Messaging Center

Improve communication and eliminate long phone calls by emailing or texting your carriers through our integrated live messaging center.


Digital Customer Management


ZUUM Capacity Pro

Invite your customers to onboard ZUUM Capacity Pro - our free shipper platform. This platfom automates information flow and communication with your customers so you can maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction.


Customer Profile

Create a profile for each customer to help you organize and keep track of customer contacts, including the point of contact for shipping, accounting, customer service, etc.


Customer Portal

Access and manage all your customer information in one place, incuding documents, email tracking and notifications.


Customer Search

Quickly find the info you need by searching for customer name, customer ID, state or date of onboarding.


Customer Onboarding

Onboard your customers to ZUUM Capacity Pro in just a few steps so you can manage your customer relationships more effectively.


Customer Email Tracking

Keep track of all email communications with your customers in one place.


Saved/Previous Lanes

Access an overview of all your saved/previous lanes by customer. This data can be used when building a shipment so you don’t have to add all the shipment information again.


Digital Carrier Management


ZUUM Loads

Invite your carriers to onboard ZUUM Loads for free which is securely connected to ZUUM Automated Broker.


Fleet Manager Mobile App

ZUUM Fleet Manager Mobile App for Android and iOS is the mobile version of ZUUM Loads. This application makes it easy for your carriers to view and update their fleet data wherever they are, whenever they need to.


Driver Mobile App

The ZUUM Driver Mobile App for Android and iOS gives you complete shipment visibility by using the driver’s GPS location via their smartphone. The driver can easily upload and share documents which will improve compliance and boost collaboration.


Carrier Profile

Create a profile for each carrier so you have all your carrier information in one place, including their documents, insurance, trucks and equipment, team members, ratings and service levels on shipments and shipment history.


Carrier Service Ratings

Evaluate carrier performance, assign carriers and help your brokerage make better decisions.


Carrier Database

The Carrier Database includes a list of all carriers. Manage your carrier information including contact info, insurance, trucks & equipments, team, rating, and service.


Carrier Search

Quickly find the carriers you need by searching carrier lanes, radius, lowest rates, history, offers and load boards.


Carrier Onboarding

Easily onboard carriers so that tendering freight becomes a two-click process that only takes seconds, instead of hours.


Carrier Packet

Our electronic onboarding process and lean Carrier Packet provides better service for all of your partners and makes you more competitive in the marketplace.


Advanced Reports & Predictive Analytics


Customizable Reports

Create customized, highly configurable reports, from lane-level reporting to your daily freight cost and profitability data.


Smart Dashboards

Get an overview of every detail of your freight spend and operations.


Service Report

Improve your service levels by keeping track of any shipment service fails. View services fail by operator and carrier, source of service fails, reason for service fail and on-time pick-ups and drop-off rates.


Sales Report

Provide insights and analytics for workforce KPI measurements for your sales teams. The report can be used to generate collective incentive to drive performance, growth, and revenue within your organization.


Operator Report

Keep track of the performance of your operators and the goals for your operations team. Get an overview of the number of loads covered, revenue, margin, and gross profit history for each operator.


Shipment Report

Give you an overview of revenue, expenses, gross profit and gross margin of your business overall and broken out between customers.


Best/Worst Lanes Report

Give you visibility into costs, revenue and profitability of all your lanes. This data can help you identify negative or positive lane trends that affect your revenue.


Advanced Report Filters

Each report has advanced filters where you can search by dates, load ID, customer name, pick-up location, drop-off location, truck and equipment type, and load type.


Automated Accounting & Billing


Customer Credit Applicaiton

Your customers can apply for credit to pay for their shipments. After they apply, you’ll be able to award them credit based on their credit score and average number of shipments they book with you.


Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Provide an aging table with the open balances for your carriers and customers. You can export the aging tables into an Excel file to share with your carriers or customers.



Reduce your paperwork with consolidated invoicing. You can invoice your customers for each shipment or delight your customers with one invoice for multiple shipments. Export your invoices to an Excel document to upload to your current accounting software.



Record carriers' bills as 'Paid' and mark customer payments as 'Received'. Once a shipment has received customer payment and you have paid the carrier, the load can be archived.


Search and Filter Invoices and Bills

Quickly find any invoice or bill. Find the correct invoice or bill by filtering load ID, carrier status, and shipment status.


Rate Exception Management

Automatically update any rate changes in our accounting and billing modules so you don’t have to worry about updating it manually.

Power up your system

Maximize your capabilities with our upgrades, and connect your existing software with ZUUM to achieve peak performance.


Upgrades & Customizations

Universal Touch

Build your own pricing algorithm. The tool allows you to shift how prices are generated on a weekly and daily basis to ensure you don’t leave money on the table and miss out on shipments in volatile markets.

Dynamic Smart Rate

Get instant rates for any lane based on real-time market data from thousands of freight forwarders and carriers and in-house historical data.

Dynamic RFP

View, track, and manage all RFPs in one place, including bid status, duration, start date, end date, and completion.

Routing Guide, Dashboard, and Analytics

View all awarded and contracted lanes and lane details in our routing guide. Update award status, request lane change or request lane removal at any time.

AI Driven, Multi-lane Pricing

Increases efficiency and accuracy when quoting bids based on historical martket data. Through file RFP upload, the tool helps brokers acquire lane data for multiple lanes simultaneously as opposed to acquiring them one by one.


Spot Market Win/Loss Ratio & Lane Analytics

Get visibility into costs, revenue and profitability of all your lanes. The Win/Loss Ratio tools collects internal and external quoting data which is utilized in the pricing algorithm to increase customer conversion rates and calculate spot quote win/loss ratios.


Lane Seeker for Dedicated and Spot Freight

Find carriers for dedicated and spot lanes faster, giving you more time to focus on generating income.


Workforce Management & ZUUManity

Provide insights and analytics for workforce KPI’s measurements and gamified incentives.



Integrations & Add-ons

EDI Integration

Integrate ZUUM with any internal or 3rd party system (ERP, warehouse management, etc.) Our integration specialists will support your IT team to set up an EDI integration, tailored to how you manage your business.

$500 - $1,500

Plus licence fees - Bundle discount available

API Custom Integration

Connect with ZUUM through an open API integration. Leverage the power of ZUUM’s rating, booking, scheduling and tracking engines in a single system, providing enhanced customer service.


Plus licence fees - Bundle discount available

DAT supercharged API Integration


Third-party fees may apply

Regular DAT Interface Login


MacroPoint, project44, Trucker Tools, FourKites Integration

Integrate ZUUM with MacroPoint, project 44, Trucker Tools, and FourKites.


Third-party fees may apply

QuickBooks Integration

Integrate ZUUM with QuickBooks, and get access to QuickBooks capabilities.


Third-party fees may apply

Other Accounting System Integrations

On Demand

Other Load Board Integration

On Demand

Customization IT Consulting & Design


Unlimited Texting


Voice Calls