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ZUUM Transportation and Plug and Play Host the Future of Trucking Virtual Event

ZUUM Transportation’s mission has always been to collaborate to provide you better solutions in freight, transportation, logistics and supply chain management. Therefore, we partnered with one of our investors, Plug and Play. We got together with some of the industry’s leading executives, tech founders, and emerging startups for our Future of Trucking event.

The supply chain and logistics industry has faced a tremendous amount of difficulty in 2020. Companies have had to reimagine the workplace in the midst of global pandemic, reexamine their strategies to confront an economic recession and cope with a record-breaking natural disaster season. 

We heard from individuals whose companies serve different functions within the supply chain; they covered some of the challenges their organizations face and the frameworks they use to establish solutions for all of us.

The first keynote speaker, ZUUM Transportation’s founder & CEO, Mustafa Azizi posed the idea that synergy among competitors is the solution in this large sharable market.

Plug and Play Supply Chain’s Mike Zayonc mirrored Azizi’s sentiments and introduced a few startups that were recently added to their portfolio: Nemodata, Newtrul, and CargoChief.

The corporate panel included several of our partners, customers, and advisors: Pat Martin, Vice President of Corporate Sales and Strategic Planning at Estes Express; Dan Curtis, President at BNSF Logistics; Daniel White, Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Coca-Cola; and Luca Graf, Head of Digital Innovation of DSV. They expressed a shared preference of well-executed, applicable solutions over creative ideas that fail to produce meaningful results.

In the startup panel, we heard from Mustafa Azizi, Founder and CEO of ZUUM Transportation; Andrew Leto, Founder and CEO of Emerge; and Glenn Koepke, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at FourKites. Each of their points focused on the central theme of “coopetition.” In a $1.6 million industry, tech companies leading the new wave of innovation in logistics demonstrate that progress and prosperity for all can be achieved through data sharing and strategic collaboration. 

To close the event, we hosted networking sessions where attendees could hear from and connect with speakers and other attendees. ZUUM Transportation’s founder and COO, Matt Tabatabai highlighted in the Defragmentation in Trucking session that identifying true pain points and extensive planning enables companies to create comprehensive solutions. Azizi led the Visibility in Trucking session, discussed the current strategies companies are employing to increase visibility throughout their businesses, and asked attendees which they considered to be beneficial. Anne Williams, Holman Parts Distribution’s President, talked about how supply chain participants should work together to maintain the well-being of the logistics community in the Safety in Trucking session. Sherwin-Williams’ Operations Director of Transportation, Susan Vidovic examined how resource and fuel efficiency position companies to decrease costs and increase profits.

Altogether, we had a great time planning and hosting the Future of Trucking Virtual Event with Plug & Play. We appreciate all of the speakers taking time to share their incredible insight and attendees for their active participation. 

In case you were unable to miss the event, you can watch below.