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From Paper to Platform Webinar Wrap Up

If you’ve had the chance to join one of ZUUM’s live webinars, you know they are always filled with energy, insight, and engaging conversation. The event took place on March 11th and was titled, From Paper to Platform: Adopting Logistics Technology through Collaboration and Partnerships, was no different.

Making time to tune into live webinars can be difficult; things come up all the time. That’s why we’ve made our webinar available for on-demand viewing here.

To kick things off, our very own CEO, Mustafa Azizi and COO, Matt Tabatabai opened the event. 

During the Future of Trucking Virtual Event, we found that embracing coopetition could be key in solving the fragmentation that exists in the logistics industry.

Watch the Future of Trucking highlights reel here.

VC Investment in Supply Chain & Logistics

Our first speaker, Craig Fuller from FrieghtWaves discussed VC Investment in Supply Chain and Logistics and compared the renaissance occurring in supply chain technology to the early days of the fintech industry.

Fireside Chat with Saeed Amidi

Next, Matt sat down with Saeed Amidi from Plug and Play Ventures to reflect on his investments and his vision for the logistics tech space.

What the Supply Chain Industry Can Learn From Growth Hacking

Afterwards, Sean Ellis, the author of the book Hacking Growth stopped by to demonstrate how companies can embody the notions of growth throughout their organizations.

Venture Capitalist Panel

For our first discussion, Taylor Oliver from Plug and Play invited Volition’s Jim Ferry, Prologis Ventures’ Justin Young, Sway Ventures’ Vince Monteparte, and Plug and Play Ventures’ Mike Zayonc to examine their approach to sourcing potential investments, supporting their portfolio companies, and navigating the current landscape.

The Effects of Digitization on Supply Chain Management

Our VC Panel was followed by Dean Matthew Waller from the University of Arkansas highlighting the number of digitization initiatives that were thrusted into “forced experiments” brought on by the global pandemic.

Industry Challenges Panel

For our second panel discussion, our Vice President of Business Development, Chris Lee led the conversation on the industry’s challenges. Joining him was Robert Sutton from BNSF Logistics, Pat Martin from Estes Express Lines, Dan White from Coca-Cola, and Michael Ahmed from The Gorilla Glue Company where they explored how widespread tech adoption relies heavily on end user experience.

What Global and Domestic Logistics Technology Ecosystems Can Learn From One Another

Next up we had Eric Johnson from Journal of Commerce sharing his insight on what global and domestic logistics technology ecosystems can learn from one another. While the location of a logistics tech firm may seem insignificant in a post-COVID world, the access to talent, domain expertise, and potential end users will be critical to the success of logistics companies.

Solutions Panel

For our final panel discussion, Johnson was joined by Mustafa Azizi from ZUUM Transportation, John Fitzgerald from Project44, Bobby Harris from BlueGrace Logistics, and Kurt Hoppe formerly from General Motors. The panel of tech industry experts analyzed what elements are necessary for tech adoption. They also uncovered how close collaboration among competitors and between shippers, brokers, carriers, and technology providers will be crucial in developing logistics technology solutions for tomorrow.

Achieving Rapid System Integration via LPA (Logistics Process Automation)

To close things out, Tabatabati sat down with Everest's Kam Hosn to discuss how robotic process automation (RPA) can be applied to supply chain and logistics.

All in all, we had great time hosting this webinar and hope everyone enjoyed tuning in or watching it on-demand.