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How to Leverage Technology to Meet Your Sustainability Goals

The transportation industry is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. As companies launch internal sustainability initiatives, many forget that that road to sustainability remains a collaborative effort. For Earth Day this year, our CEO, Mustafa Azizi sat down with FreightWaves’ Kevin Hill for their “Put That Coffee Down” segment during the Net-Zero Carbon Summit to share how our technology helps companies measure and reduce their impact on the environment. 

First, Azizi introduces Project 72, specifically highlighting our Heal-O-Zone initiative & Corporate Responsibility efforts. Next, he shares examples of how ZUUM provides tools for all parties to monitor and manage their carbon footprint. For example, BEYOND TMS (our transportation management system for shippers) displays carbon emission hostposts based on their uploaded lane data. Carriers have access to our Backhaul Finder as a means to mitigate deadheading.

As freight technology companies race to develop a definitive solution for empty miles, Azizi expresses the necessary approach comes from the collective participation of all industry players. Enterprise shippers are already investigating how they can combine their lanes to reduce empty miles. 

In a perfect world, all shipper lanes would be aggregated and shared with all carriers to be organized and priced accurately, closing gaps in efficiency. However, the industry seems to be hesitant towards this type of concerted effort as it has the potential to create conflicts of interest among shippers. In an effort to dissipate this concern, we at ZUUM aim to lead by example and have therefore shared our technology with shippers, brokers, and carriers. Our goal is to unite all parties on one connected platform to drive greater efficiency for all.

Watch the video to learn about what’s next for ZUUM.