About ZUUM Transportation


Our country runs on logistics – delivering raw-materials, products, food and other goods across the US and globally. We believe that our best way to contribute is by giving shippers, brokers, freight-carriers and drivers what they need to overcome challenges and make their jobs and lives better.

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Our mission

We connect shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on one logistics super platform. ZUUM delivers shipments reliably at a lower cost for shippers and at a higher profit for carriers through efficient technology.

We connect shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers on one Logistics Super Platform.

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Our vision

To optimize logistics and streamline supply
chains globally on an efficient, automated and
easy-to-use platform

Our values

High performance to deliver value

Efficiency for maximum ROI

Progress through technology

Excellence in everything we do

Transparency and honesty

Responsiveness to the needs of our customers


Matt Tabatabai

CEO & Co-Founder

Mustafa Azizi

Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder


Advanced technology & best in class service since 2016.
Move anything anywhere anytime on one platform. ZUUM IT.


Life at ZUUM

At Zuum, we’re united by our mission to transform the future of logistics. We pursue diversity, transparency and openness at every level of our team. We celebrate each other’s talents, differences and successes. We seek and encourage new ideas and perspectives, regardless of hierarchy. We embrace our failures and move quickly through them, testing and iterating our way to success. And we have fun while doing it.