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Updates to the Carrier Details > Insurance will be made, now there will be a new tab created just for insurance. This is to help the operators to view the insurance all in one location.

When tendering a load, the ability to see the reason why a carrier is NOT OK To Load, updates has been made.

A Carrier Details > Insurance

A1 As a user, I can view the carrier's details and access the carrier’s insurance.
Design: Invision Link

  1. Add a new ‘Insurance’ tab

  2. Remove the ‘Insurance Information' card in the details tab

A2 As a user, I can go to the insurance tab and there's no insurance added yet, I can send a request or upload the document.
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  1. When the user clicks ‘Insurance’ on the tab menu, and if there is no insurance added this is what the page will look like:

    1. Illustration, Request Insurance button, Upload Insurance button

  2. When the user clicks Upload Insurance the same upload modal will appear

  3. When the user clicks Request Insurance the same email modal will appear

A3 As a user, I can view the carrier’s insurance document and fill in the details.
Design: Invision Link - Null | Invision Link - Filled

  1. Once the document has been uploaded the page will display (if the document uploaded this is the default view for this tab):

    1. Document preview

      1. the user will now be able to view the insurance document more easily

    2. OK To Load - displayed here as well as the details page

    3. Auto Insurance Card

    4. Cargo Insurance Card

    5. Request Insurance button

    6. Add Insurance button

  2. Cards - Auto and Cargo

    1. These cards must be filled out to check OK To Load

    2. Required fields are: Insurance Company, Policy Number, Start Date, and End Date

  3. The Request Insurance button should only display when any of the ‘Additionally Insured’ is left unchecked and expired (after End Date)

A4 As a user, I can add additional insurance cards.
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  1. Below the Cargo Insurance card, the button Add Insurance will be displayed where the user can add any additional insurance information:

    1. when clicked the user will have the options of: Auto, Cargo, General

    2. This will add a new card - and it will be optional

    3. There will be a Delete text button to delete the card - similar to deleting stops on the shipment details

B Tender Modal > Not OK To Load

B1 As a user, I can search for a carrier when tendering a load, and see an alert icon if the carrier is Not OK To Load.
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  1. In the Carrier Tender Option modal, when searching for a carrier, any carriers that is ‘NOT OK to Load’ will display an alert icon instead

    1. the user is still able to click on the carrier name

B2 As a user, I can select the carrier that's Not OK To Load and see why.
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  1. Once the user selects the carrier that is NOT OK To Load, the reason will be displayed under the Carrier Details

  2. The tender button will be disabled