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We want a way to upload an insurance document and have DocSumo assist the users to fill in the tex fields with the information provided in the document. This will help the operators save time as well as prevent errors.

We currently have this functionality where it automatically imports the information from the document to the insurance cards. But, we want a way to preview the information being imported first, to confirm everything is correct, as well as fix any errors that may have come up.

We will be having a Preview modal where the user can see the document side-by-side to the insurance card form. They can preview the information that will be imported before submitting to confirm everything is correct.

We will be using this only for insurance documents (Accord 25) for now. There will be other documents in the near future.

Upload Insurance Certificate

1.1 Doc Preview

Design: Figma

  1. Once a broker uploads an Insurance Certificate in the Docs & Images tab or in the Insurance tab, we will be using DocSumo to auto-fill in the required fields. Once the user clicks the Upload button from the upload modal, display this modal that will act as a preview to confirm the information importing is correct.

  2. On the left side, display the PDF or IMG file that the user uploaded. We can use the current doc preview so the user can zoom in/out.

  3. On the right side, display the 2 required cards Auto Insurance and Cargo Insurance text fields. It is the exact same fields on the current insurance cards. This is where the user can see the information imported from the document on this side of the modal, as well as edit the text fields.

  4. DocSumo will be reading and generating a JSON for certain required fields and will be auto-filling to the text fields on the right.

    1. the required fields:

      • Insurance Company

      • Insurance Price

      • Policy Number

      • Start Date

      • End Date

    2. If DocSumo was able to successfully import the data we can highlight the area and the text on the doc, in green

    3. If DocSumo was not able to import the data, or was able to bring some parts of it, highlight the area and text in yellow.

    4. For example, in the design, the document as the Insurance A line say OCCENTIAL FIRE & CASUALTY INC . On the form (right-side) we see that Company Name has been successfully filled with OCCENTIAL FIRE & CASUALTY INC.

      1. The price for A is highlighted in yellow, because there are two prices listed. The system might not know what to do with these two prices. In the Auto Insurance > Insurance Price text field has the warning icon and highlighted in red, because this is a required field.

      2. If the field is not required, we do not need to highlight the text field.

  5. If DocSumo was able to successfully import data into the text field form, please auto-fill the text in the form. If any errors happened, or something that the system is not sure, please display the warning icon in the text field, so the user can put their attention to it.

  6. We will add an additional field which is for notes. We will also fill in the notes text field from the Description of Operations container in the document

  7. We will also add an Escalate checkbox. Refer to screen 1.3

1.2 Doc Preview - filled

Design: Figma

  1. This is an example of what the form (right side) would look like, if the user were to update the warning required text fields.

    1. because the user completed the form, it is no longer red and the warning icon is gone

  2. If all fields have no errors or warning icon, the Confirm button will be active

1.3 Escalate checked

Design: Figma

  1. For a non-required text field, the user can still continue to upload the document, even with the warning icon. This can happen by clicking on the Escalate checkbox.

    1. The user is wanting to escalate uploading the form, and may come back to fix it later. Only when the Escalate checkbox is selected, have the Confirm button become primary

1.4 Docs Page

Design: Figma

  1. If the user escalated the document, and the warning icon was next to a text field, the user still see the same warning icon next to the Insurance Certificate item on the Documents tab.

    1. The status is still Complete since the file was uploaded, but it was escalated so we will display that with the warning icon.

  2. If the preview modal had no warning icons and the user did not need to escalate the preview, there will be no warning icon needed here.

1.5 Insurance Tab

Design: Figma

  1. If the user escalated the document, and under the Insurance Tab we will see the same warning icon next to the same text field that originally had it, during the preview modal.

  2. We can see that all the transferred information that we confirmed are displayed in the Auto Insurance and Cargo Insurance cards

  3. We will add a new card for Notes

  4. Do not display the highlighted green and yellow containers on the document.

  5. If the preview modal had no warning icons and the user did not need to escalate the preview, there will be no warning icon needed here as well.