[Build Shipment] Adding carrier from build shipment

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  • In order for users to quickly invite and tender a load out to a new carrier

Dependent Factor: Based on the requirement settings, the flow will vary due to the carrier validation process.

Book & Tender Flowchart

  • There will be two scenarios depending on what carrier validation requirements the user had set up.

    • Requirement Settings Ticket: https://zuumapp-team.monday.com/boards/1440013063/pulses/1496349092

Flow #1: When Ok-to-Load/DNU is Required

Design: here

Step #1: Select a carrier

  1. Select a carrier

    1. Click the field to select the carrier

Step #2: Invite a Carrier

  1. Select a Carrier

    1. As soon as you click the “Select a carrier” field, you will get a dropdown to invite or select the existing carriers

  2. Invite New Carrier

    1. This link will give you the “Invite Carrier” modal that we use to invite new carriers

  3. Carrier Status Note

    1. This note will only show up when the Ok to Load/DNU requirement is turned ON

  4. Existing Carriers

    1. This is the list of carriers that we have in our database

Step #3: Invitation Sent Successfully

  1. Invitation Sent Banner

    1. This shows up when you complete the carrier invitation

  2. Close button

    1. This will close the banner

  3. Go to Carrier Database

    1. This link will take you to the carrier database > In Validation

  4. Validation not required?

    1. This link will take you to the Configuration > Requirments Setting

Flow #2: When Ok-to-Load/DNU is Optional

Design: here

Step #1: Select a carrier

  1. Select a carrier

    1. Click the field to select the carrier

Step #2: Select a carrier

  1. Select a carrier

    1. Clicking this field will give you a dropdown where you can invite or select from the carrier database

  2. Invite New Carrier

    1. This will bring up the “Invite Carrier” modal

Step #3: Tendering a load to a non-verified carrier

  1. Invited Carrier

    1. When the validation requirement is optional, we can tender a load regardless of the carrier’s verification status

    2. Once the carrier is invited via the Carrier Tender Options modal, the carrier will be entered here

  2. Rating

    1. This will be the same as now

  3. MC/DOT #

    1. Currently, MC & DOT # is listed separately but we should combine it

  4. Carrier Status

    1. There are two parts to it:

      1. First part: Ok to Load or Do Not Use

      2. Second part: Verification Status

        1. Verified = All the required documents are uploaded

        2. Not Verified = There are missing documents

  5. Not Verified Tag

    1. When you hover, you will get a tooltip showing what documents are missing