[Build Shipment] Adding Customer Representative


  • When we add a customer to a load, the “owner” of the customer receives all the tracking emails for all their active loads. This overwhelms the owner of the customer so we want to be able to assign the customer representative to a load so this person gets the emails instead.

In order to make this happen, there are three places that need an update:

  • Build Shipment > Customer Field

    • Add Customer Representative field

  • Shipment > Customer Tab

    • Display rep(s) who’ve been assigned to a load

  • Shipment > Tracking

    • Enable Tracking Email

    • Log Check Call

Use Case #1: Adding Customer Representative

Prototype: here

Step #1: bookShipment_01

Action: Click on the Customer Rep Field

  1. Customer Representative Field

    1. This is where you can assign the customer representative(s) to a shipment

    2. Whoever is assigned here will be the contact person and will receive tracking emails if enabled

Step #2: bookShipment_02

Action: Click the users you want to assign to a load

  1. Add New User

    1. Just like the customer, you now are able to add new users to a customer

      1. Once created, the new user will be selected

    2. We will discuss adding customer flow later

  2. List of Users

    1. Here, we display all the users associated with this customer

    2. We can add multiple customer reps

    3. We want to format the name as below:

      1. User Name - Role

Step #3: bookShipment_03

Action: Exit out

  1. Selected Customer Representative

    1. As you select the user, the selected user’s name will appear on the field

    2. The names will be listed followed by commas. For example:

      1. Chris Son, Sam Kim

  2. Selected User

    1. This is how selected mode looks like

Use Case #2: Adding New User

Prototype: here

Step #1: bookShipment_01

Action: Click on the “Customer Representative” field

Step #2: bookShipment_02

Action: Click “Add New User”

Step #3: AddNewUser

Action: Fill out the form and click save

  1. User Information

    1. Please reference the “Add New User” page from the Customer > Team page

  2. Role

    1. These are the same three roles that we have for customer team member details

  3. Permission

    1. This is the same permission modal we have for the Customer > Team page

  4. Invitation Email

    1. This section asks you when do you want to send the invitation email to the new user

      1. Yes - You send the invitation email immediately after you save

      2. No - You have to go to the “Customer > Team” to initiate the email

  5. Save

    1. Once saved, this new user will be selected from the user list modal and will be added to the Customer > Team page

Impacted Screen #1: Shipment > Customer Tab

Prototype: here

  1. Customer Representative

    1. Instead of Contact, we are calling it “Customer Representative”

  2. Add Representative

    1. This button will give you the same modal that you see on the [Use Case #1 > Step #3]

  3. Delete

    1. This button will give you confirmation modal

    2. Please see the prototype link