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Top Features to Look for in a Shipper TMS

For those in the logistics industry that are wanting to improve their business performance, a TMS (transportation management system) is essential to increasing your efficiency standards. Keep in mind that anyone working in supply chain management, from shippers to distributors, wholesalers, and more will find this sort of software is significantly useful in their dealings.

Making use of TMS technology may understandably seem daunting at first for those who have not yet begun digitization efforts, but the good news is that implementing a TMS into your current structure will prove to be beneficial in the long run. In the current market, the right TMS platform can assist you with streamlining decision-making and ultimately helping you make the most out of your hard work. Luckily, here at ZUUM, our experts can help you figure that out! Read on to find out what features we recommend looking for in a TMS that best addresses your management needs. 

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Firstly, it will likely be very important to you to choose a TMS that easily integrates with your current systems. You want to pick a software that can seamlessly meld with whichever internal or third-party systems that already exist within your management structure. This includes accounting and tracking software as well integrations with external load board subscriptions. By doing this,  your experience should be prompt, secure, and have an accessible user interface. 

Document Management & Billing

Secondly, you want to make sure any TMS you choose is able to handle your documentation and freight billing needs. Think about that pile of paperwork in the office, and imagine that it could all be smoothly uploaded, with software that helps you handle all the auditing and invoices you are typically processing. A good TMS will automate your back-office handlings and provide you with a majorly improved sense of organization by centralizing your document management for you and giving you notifications regarding the status of your shipment and contracts. Advanced TMS will automatically generate invoices during the trip of each shipment and updates as any unexpected costs appear.This function reduces paper waste, error probability, and unnecessary costs. 

Real-Time Visibility

Third, you should pick a TMS that offers real-time visibility features for your shipments. TMS technology has the capability of tracking your shipments down to the item level, with real-time updates and notification to alert you on item status, bid changes, and exceptions. Visibility in supply chain management is only growing more necessary with time, to both customers waiting to receive their shipments, and those in the logistics industry working to make it happen. Being able to track your shipments and receive updates from end-to-end results in higher levels of customer satisfaction, higher profits, and peace of mind towards your shipment's expedition. 

Predictive Analytics

Fourth, you will find a lot of opportunity for utilization with a TMS that offers capable predictive analytics and business reports as a feature. you can benefit from speedy overviews of your typical freight costs and see where there is room for more profit. Data analysis can also be applied to view your load costs, truck types, and even your carbon footprint. When it comes to reducing shipment times, developing accurate KPIs, and allowing greater insight into your business, this facet of your TMS will be indispensable to you. With this technology at your disposal, you can optimize your supply chain management and create reports that reflect what your company finds of necessary interest. 

Additional Features

Lastly, while not an essential feature, customization is a key ability of a flexible TMS that can meet all of your needs. Of course, not every business requires a customized TMS platform in order to thrive with their new software. However, as your company continues to grow and your supply chain increases in complexity you may need more specific capabilities or you are interested in adding even more abilities to this multi-functional tool, this is another option to consider. 

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