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The number 72 is a number of humanitarianism. This number also symbolizes philanthropy, tolerance, intuition, idealism, teamwork and compassion. It also symbolizes justice, introspection and spirituality. People who resonate with the number 72 enjoy solving problems related to human welfare.

Empowering Women in Logistics

Our mission will be to help women... MORE


COVID-19 has interrupted global supply chains, leaving companies scram... MORE


According to the EPA, motor vehicles collectively cause 75% of carbon... MORE


Fragmentation of systems continues to be the main overarching problem... MORE


An estimated 820 million people did not have enough to eat in 2018, up ... MORE

Driver Shortage

The U.S. trucker shortage is expected to more than double over the next decade... MORE


Project 72 and Zuum enables startup in the fields of AI... MORE

Our mission will be to help women elevate in logistics and be recognized for the value they bring with any tech or network resources we have available.
COVID-19 has interrupted global supply chains, leaving companies scrambling for alternate ways to keep operations running smoothly. Zuum will focus to understand and find new solutions.
According to the EPA, motor vehicles collectively cause 75% of carbon monoxide pollution in the U.S. Idling struck, empty needless routes, and fuel inefficiency are all a big part of this cause. We will work to solve this with our partners.
Fragmentation of systems continues to be the main overarching problem from 811 million in the previous year. The logistics industry must do its part in helping this global cause. Project 72 will work to connect corporations with hungry people all over the world.

An estimated 820 million people did not have enough to eat in 2018, up lem to supply chains. Zuum and our partners will further work to enable and unify fragmented systems through IOT, Cloud, API, AI and different technologies.

The U.S. trucker shortage is expected to more than double over the next decade as the industry struggles to replace aging drivers and recruit more women. We look to find new ways to recruit and retain our valued driver base.

Project 72 and Zuum enables startup in the fields of AI, Automation and cloud based solutions, connecting them into Zuum XLR8.
Over the last 2 years, Zuum has become one of our preferred partners to ship products reliably and on-time. Flexible capacity across the US and a technology platform that automates our freight & office workflow - integrated with our existing software. You save us time and money.
Michael Ahmed, Previously: VP Business Operations & Network Strategy, Tyson Foods, Now: COO at Gorilla Glue
We have been working with the Zuum team to help us digitize certain aspects of our brokerage. They have been great to work with and brought immediate value and quick deployment. These guys are the real deal!
Dan Curtis, President, BNSF Logistics
The team at Zuum are always prompt and ready to help with a fair price. Customer service is great and very professional. It is always a pleasant experience when we deal with them. Our product has been shipped with quality, care and on time. Highly recommended!
Jana Barros, The Fleming Group
I’m very happy with the service provided and rates are competitive. Keep up the good work!
Rubi Zuñiga, Trulite
Zuum has simplified my daily operations, saves me time and money. The team is responsive and easy to work with.
Jorge Martinez, Eaton
Thanks for your help. I’m very impressed with how well your team communicates all the updates. Great job guys! I honestly can say I’ve never experienced this kind of service in transportation before.
Susan Garcia, Indio Products
Zuum makes my life easier and improves our operational efficiency tremendously. It’s unbelievable.
Victor Garcia, VMG Transportation Group
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